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The Netherlands is arguably one of the most inspiring countries in the world. If your dream is to make a business investment in the Netherlands your most likely know this is a complicated process and even the most sophisticated investor might require assistance.

For foreign investors wishing to make their business investment in the Netherlands and to take advantage of the Netherlands business environment, the applications are quite extensive and subject to frequent change and as a full service Investments & Consultancy Company, IMC Consult is your first port of call.

IMC Consult was established for the specific purpose of helping and advising such investors by providing them with advice, information and practical assistance, quickly and on a confidential basis.

The first part of the name IMC Consult is short for Information, Marketing and Communication. Founded in 2005, IMC Consult advises and assists aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their own business in the Netherlands, based on their personal goals and ambitions. We review the investment strategy, determine the requirements of the process and services offered to start or expand a business in the Netherlands.

In summary: “Business Investments & Consulting” is our business

Let us help you start your business in the Netherands, Europe and put our expertise to work for you.

Short in Dutch:

I M C Consult
E.D.F. Dupont
Willem Alexanderplantsoen 117
2991 NC ..Barendrecht
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Het adviesbureau IMC Consult opent op 14 november 2005 zijn kantoor te Barendrecht.
Vanaf die datum is het bedrijf beschikbaar voor advies op het gebied van Informatie, Marketing en Communicatie. De naamgeving van het bedrijf staat voor deze specialisaties, met name op het gebied van bedrijfsinvesteringen.